Really.. this one just had to make the blog hall of fame. I can't help it. Its horrible, its gross, its going to be hilarious one day. Blake has been potty training for a week or two now and he pees like a champ. A real champ. He sits, he stands, he pees on my car, the fence, the brush pile I need to clean up.. the boy is like a walking sprinkler. This is all fabulous and I have a huge stock of gummy bears to keep the motivation going. The other thing. ahem.. numero dos.. not so much. He is very specific to only do it in the privacy of his own room, at naptime when no one is around to see.. or smell.. and well.. its very secretive. He is like the poop mafia. There is a like only a small cell that knows about it, a few stuffed lions and a black lab. One time he ran around diaper free and when the moment came.. he started screaming and sobbing and shouting "I NEEEEEEED A DIAPER". Needless to say... I was scrubbing the floor. So the boy who never poops had a birthday party today. We had a great time, enjoyed visiting with our neighbors, and they were so sweet they even offered up their fence to Blake for pee purposes. This is all well and good.. until he ran to the fence and Steve said "Did he just say.. " I stopped Steve right there, no Blake would never discuss let alone think about poop in a public place. at a party. at a friends birthday party. Right? umm... So I ran over to assist his aim and he said "I have to go poo poo". I still didn't believe it so I checked.. and sure enough.. Needless to say i freaked out. I screamed for Steve in that whispery but firm, get your heiny over here and deliver me from this mess- kinda way. The kind that only wives can do so well. So he came over and just kind of watched. I realized the crisis, and pulled up the swim trunks, ran into the house as fast as I could (there was no time to ask permission, their yard , their VERY PARTY was AT RISK!!!) I threw Blake on the potty. We made it! (mostly). Well enough. Good enough to get the toy Calliou prize that has been sitting on my fridge for two months making my house look junky. ... Now... just four more times and the top of my fridge will be all clear. And heres to hoping we EVER get invited anywhere in this neighborhood again!

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